Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login?

Instructions on logging in to your itextphoto account

Sending a MMS picture or video message

Send a teaser image or short video via text

How do I create a mobile keyword?

A mobile keyword is word that your clients text in (ie YOURSTUDIO to 96362) to recieve information or promotions or for other functionality (voting, text-to-screen, etc)

How do I send a text message?

Easily send a text message to a entire list or to an individual

How do I edit or delete a mobile keyword?

Edit, change or delete your mobile keyword.

How do I make a Facebook Widget?

How to create and install a facebook widget?

How can I send an appointment reminder via text?

You can now send your clients quick and easy text reminders

How do I manage/see my contacts?

All your distribution lists can be viewed in your manage contacts area

How do I create a mobile voting campaign?

Gain lots of buzz and new contacts by conducting a mobile voting campaign

Deleting a mobile voting campaign

Be sure to release your keyword first before deleting your campaign

How do I create a Online Signup Page (OSP)?

Create an online signup page, or multiple sign up pages to allow users to fill out info online on your blog, website, and via external link and their info will be saved in your itextphoto account.

How do I use the Coupon Code Function and do I need it?

How to use the coupon code function, and determining if you even need to when using the system for coupons and discounts

How do setup my mobile portfolio site?

Here is how to upload your images and create your mobile site