How does it work?

The easiest way to tell you how it works, is for you to try it.
Grab your phone and text FOFSTUDIO to 69302

When you open your account with itextphoto:

  1. 1) Setup your keyword(s) (yourstudioname at 69302).
  2. 2) Market your keyword (on current ads, facebook, and everywhere giving your potential clients incentive to do so)
  3. 3) Your itextphoto account will reply to their text with your verbage.
  4. 4) We recommend including a short url link to your mobile portfolio site (INCLUDED FOR FREE!) and/or to your senior rep mobile portfolio page(for senior photographers)directly to them, right to where they spend all their time, on their phone!
  5. 5) You've now given them immediate access to your portfolio and captured their phone number so you can now market to them in your next text blast!